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This node outlines Radio Nouspace, its mission, background, reasons for focusing on sound and radio, links to its streaming and on demand content, and contact information for John F. Barber, the curator. Read below for more information, or begin listening.


Radio Nouspace is a web-based Internet radio station whose program content focuses on radio-audio drama, radio+sound art, and sound poetry and electronic literature. Exemplary examples from each of these genres are actively curated and are available in both streaming and on demand formats. Radio Nouspace experiments with affordances (potentials for particular actions/results) and interfaces of future radio to create new types of storytelling, new listening experiences. As a result, Radio Nouspace is both an online, interactive installation / performance work, and an practice-based research site that intends to create new knowledge regarding the importance of sound in narrative and digital storytelling. More information here . . .

Use these links to access specific aspects of Radio Nouspace . . .

Select "about" . . . to lean more about Radio Nouspace.

Select "archives" . . . for curated radio programs and other aural artifacts.

Select "infocasts" . . . for investigations regarding radio-audio drama, curating, future radio, radio + sound art, and sound poetry.

Select "listen" . . . for multiple ways to hear Radio Nouspace streaming content.

Select "programs" . . . for the streaming broadcast schedule and links to more information about individual programs.

Select "projects" . . . for creative works by John Barber for Radio Nouspace.

Select "radioELO" . . . for aural artifacts associated with works of electronic literature.

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Radio Nouspace was created and is maintained by John F. Barber. Questions? Comments? Opposing viewpoints? Contact . . .

John F. Barber
The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program
Washington State University Vancouver
Editor, Music, Sound, Noise, electronic book review
Curator, Brautigan Bibliography and Archive