Radio Nouspace is both a curated virtual listening gallery and a practice-based research and creative practice space. Both are inspired by the radio medium with its emphasis on sound as the basis for narrative and storytelling. Content includes archived examples of radio-sound art, radio-audio drama, sound poetry, and more. Knowledge is pursued via inquiries and practice. Selected entry points are provided below.

Weekly stats 11-17 July 2016

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Sound art work speaks to gun violence

Remembering the Dead, speaks to gun violence in America. By voicing the names of gun homicide victims in 2015 the work intends to maintain their memory, and start a discussion about how to stop the killings. The artist statement in the work provides details. Learn more and listen.

Sound art work included in ELO festival

10-12 June 2016
radioELO was included in the media arts festival associated with the Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) 2016 international conference, 10-12 June 2016, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. radioELO is an ongoing project to archive and curate aural aspects of electronic/generated/computational (EGC) literature associated with annual conferences of the ELO.

Sounds and Digital Humanities

Radio Nouspace was featured in the Sounds and Digital Humanities class offered at Digital Humanities Summer Institute, 13-17 June 2016. The course focuses on the use of sound(s) for Digital Humanities scholarship and pedagogy.

Digital Storytelling and Radio Nouspace

Radio Nouspace was featured in the Digital Storytelling class offered at Digital Humanities Summer Institute, 6-10 June 2016. Digital storytelling focuses on the combination of computational technologies and traditional storytelling arts. One approach to digital storytelling is sound.

Radio art featured in broadcast

22-24 March 2016
Tell Me A Story, was invited for broadcast during the Shadowtrash Astral Sleepover Party, a 48-hour continuous broadcast by KVCU 1190AM Radio, Boulder, Colorado. The unconventional sonic expressions scheduled are designed to turn the radio station into, simultaneously, an instrument and an event. Learn more and listen.

Sound art work featured in exhibition

4 February-4 May 2016
We Can See Edith by Radio was one of ten international sound art works selected for the second annual “Liminal Sounds” exhibition at Earlid. Responding to the exhibition theme, “The Intermediary,” this work responds to the question, “What is the audible form—the sound—of the intermediary, and what does this entity (person, myth, animal) herald?” Learn more and listen.

Radio Nouspace is social

5 January 2016
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Soundscapes, soundwalks, sound maps, transects

27 December 2015
A new project. Learn more and listen.

A Christmas ghost story

16 December 2015
Nearly 300 people attended the Re-Imagined Radio performance of “A Radio Christmas Carol.” Coming in March, a salute to National Women’s History Month and Lucille Fletcher with performances of “Sorry, Wrong Number” and “The Hitchhiker,” a ghost story. Learn more

unplace exhibition ends

19 November 2015
Radio Nouspace was one of three art projects jury selected from an international open call for the unplace networked art: places-between-places exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal, 19 June-19 November 2015. Exhibition catalog available here. Learn more.

Curating and sharing sound objects that inform narrative and storytelling through the act of listening.