radio nouspace

7 February 2014
radio dial

Radio Nouspace experiments with features and affordances of legacy and future radio to archive and curate sound(s) associated with narrative and storytelling. [1 ] The curated collections of streaming and on demand sounds that are part of Radio Nouspace's programming speak to these experiments. Additionally, multimedia "infocasts" investigate theories, histories, and methodologies associated with archiving and curating radio + sound art. As a result, Radio Nouspace is both an online, interactive installation / performance work and a practice-based research site for archival and curatorial practices. [2 ]

Select the "programs" channel for information about Radio Nouspace content . . . the "listen" channel for ways of listening to the streaming broadcast . . . the "archives" channel for on demand listening to curated aural artifacts . . . the "infocasts" channel for documentaries regarding different aspects of Radio Nouspace's work . . . the "about" channel for more information about the work of Radio Nouspace. Archiving and curating sounds of electronic literature is the focus of the "radioELO" channel. Enjoy!


[1] Why curate sound(s)? Sound is the compelling prompt for cultural and social configurations humans create in response to the swirl of abstract thoughts they encounter within themselves and their surrounding environments. One such response is speech, the verbalization of abstract thought, the central component of narrative, the driver of storytelling, and the basis for literature and various literary practices associated with its production and consumption. Learn more . . .

[2] Why use radio to archive and curate sound? Marshall McLuhan argues the content of any new medium is always another, older medium. The content of radio is speech and other sounds, since they proceed radio. Radio subsumes speech, returning emphasis to the aural. Given only sound, one must engage in the act of listening. This promotes critical thinking, interaction, even immersion in ways different than other mediums. Learn more . . .