Candy Matson, YUkon 28209

Episode Inventory


Total episodes: 91 (plus April 1949 audition episode and September 1952 series revival audition episode).
Surviving episodes: 14.


30 June 1949-20 May 1951
Broadcast on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC).


Episodes available at Internet Archive website.

  • The Donna Dunham Case
    Audition episode, 4 April 1949, available
    AKA Donna Dunham's Death. Candy solves a jealous-lover murder and nearly falls victim herself. Audition episode uses "EXbrook 29994" rather than "YUkon 28209."
  • The Donna Dunham Chinatown Case"
    Episode 01, 30 June 1949, not available
    Same as audition episode.
  • The Cable Car Murder Case
    Episode 02, 7 July 1949, available
    The man riding next to Candy on a cable car is silently shot to death.
    Script available here.
  • The Adrianne Larue Case
    Episode 03, 14 July 1949, not available
    Candy's client is a fashion designer.
  • The Olive Frentrupp Case
    Episode 04, 21 July 1949, not available
    A mystery involving Bay City art dealers.
  • Mount Shasta
    Episode 05, 28 July 1949, not available
    A mountain murder mystery for Candy and Mallard.
  • The Half Moon Bay Merry-Go-Round
    Episode 06, 4 August 1949, not available
    Watson tries to avoid Demon Rum and dry out.
  • The Berkeley Cyclotron Switchboard
    Episode 07, 11 August 1949, not available
    Candy and Mallard find danger at a scientist's cocktail party.
  • The Rusty Dale Case
    Episode 08, 18 August 1949, not available
    Candy and Watson find trouble at a prize fight.
  • The Cooper Case
    Episode 09, 22 August 1949, not available
    A deaf mute talks to Candy.
  • A Long Drive to Carmel for Golf
    Episode 10, 29 August 1949, not available
    Candy and Watson hope for a pleasant day of golf at Carmel.
  • The Luther Bradley Case
    Episode 11, 5 September 1949, not available
    A man's wife does not return from her trip.
  • The Ralph Osborne Case
    Episode 12, 12 September 1949, not available
    Candy investigates a shipboard murder.
  • The Body on the Trail
    Episode 13, 19 September 1949, not available
    Candy is warned to forget a body she found while hiking.
  • The Fort Ord Story
    Episode 14, 23 September 1949, available
    Candy is the queen of the NCO Ball, where a double murder occurs.
  • The Devil in the Deep Freeze
    Episode 15, 30 September 1949, available
    A restaurant owner asks Candy to get rid of a body in his meat refrigerator dressed like the devil! Solving the murder takes Candy from the restaurant to the opera where she is helped by guest star and opera singer Dorothy Warenskjold.
  • The Photo-Shoot Murders
    Episode 16, 7 October 1949, not available
    Watson's photo shoot provides a murder for Candy to solve.
  • The Nelda McHaven Case
    Episode 17, 14 October 1949, not available
    A rich client hires Candy to solve a crime.
  • The Alex Warburton Case
    Episode 18, 22 October 1949, not available
    A old friend of Watson is Candy's client.
  • Murder at the Police Conference
    Episode 19, 29 October 1949, not available
    Candy and Mallard find murder at a police conference.
  • The Ben Murdock Case
    Episode 20, 5 November 1949, not available
    A night club owners hires Candy when his partner makes trouble.
  • The Roof Fire
    Episode 21, 12 November 1949, not available
    Trouble arrives with Watson's visitors from Philadelphia.
  • The Allison Gray Case
    Episode 22, 19 November 1949, not available
    AKA "The Fortune Teller." A medium and murder?
  • Flashback to '39
    Episode 23, 26 November 1949, not available
    Origin story of how Candy first met Watson and Mallard.
  • The Missing Jewels Case
    Episode 24, 3 December 1949, not available
    An famous actress actress hires Candy to find her missing jewels.
  • Jack Frost
    Episode 25, 10 December 1949, available
    A Santa's helper named Jack Frost has disappeared, resulting in a Christmas murder.
  • The Valley of the Moon
    Episode 26, 17 December 1949, available
    Candy solves a murder committed on a dude ranch.
  • NC9-8012
    Episode 27, 27 December 1949, available
    Candy investigates a small plane crash at a local airport, and is asked to certify the airport's safety.
  • The Pat Ennis Case
    Episode 28, 3 January 1950, not available
    A disc jockey's troubles require Candy's help.
  • The Harvey Forester Case
    Episode 29, 10 January 1950, not available
    A wealthy client wants Candy to investigate his niece.
  • The Nell Berquist Case
    Episode 30, 17 January 1950, not available
    A friend of Watson's thinks she will be murdered.
  • The Ernst Mittnacht Case
    Episode 31, 24 January 1950, not available
    Candy gets a frantic phone call from a man about his wife.
  • The Flora Kirkland Case
    Episode 32,31 January 1950, not available
    A famous actress hires Candy.
  • The Eric Spaulding Concert
    Episode 33, 7 February 1950, available
    Candy's mystery case involves classical music.
  • Pictures at an Exhibition
    Episode 34, 14 February 1950, not available
    Candy goes to Watson's photo exhibit
  • Angel's Camp
    Episode 35, 21 February 1950, not available
    Mysterious goings on in Angel's Camp / Homeowners hire Candy to find their missing water supply.
  • Wheels for Watson
    Episode 36, 28 February 1950, not available
    Watson buys a car from his friend, Diogenes Murphy.
  • The High Sea Smugglers
    Episode 37, 7 March 1950, not available
    Candy's doctor recommends an ocean voyage to cure her exhaustion.
  • The Mona Bryant Case
    Episode 38, 14 March 1950, not available
    Candy meets a ship at Pier 50 to help a friend.
  • The Tony Rafiello Case
    Episode 39, 21 March 1950, not available
    Mallard needs Candy's help, but does not want to ask her. He gets Watson to ask Candy instead.
  • The Sharp Point Mystery
    Episode 40, 28 March 1950, not available
    Candy and Watson save a woman in the ocean.
  • The Killer on Flight 14
    Episode 41, 4 April 1950, not available
    Candy and Mallard wait at the airport for a murderer.
  • The Weekend Cruise
    Episode 42, 11 April 1950, not available
    Candy and Watson are invited on a weekend cruise. Candy becomes helpless in the hands of a dangerous hypnotist.
  • The Grass Valley Case
    Episode 43, 18 April 1950, not available
    An old fellow, who is wounded, gets a ride from Candy.
  • Circus Cherry Pie
    Episode 44, 25 April 1950, not available
    A famous, old, clown asks Candy for help.
  • A Telegram from a Friend, Part 1
    Episode 45, 1 May 1950, not available
    Candy seems to be killed in a plane crash.
  • Unknown
    8 May 1950; 15 May 1950, unknown, not available
  • A Telegram from a Friend, Part 2
    Episode 46, 23 May 1950, not available
    Candy is alive! Her friend, Laura, wants her to fly to Seattle.
  • Introductions Anonymous
    Episode 47, 30 May 1950, not available
    Watson gives Candy a new case involving a lonely hearts club. She tracks down six missing members.
  • A Black Cat
    Episode 48, 6 June 1950, not available
    A dying man gives Candy an envelope to deliver.
    Script available here.
  • The Curtis Colfax Case
    Episode 49, 13 June 1950, not available
    A politician hires Candy to investigate threats against him.
  • A Symphony of Death
    Episode 50, 20 June 1950, available
    A famous composer is dying and his relative calls Candy.
  • The Olive Becker Case
    Episode 51, 27 June 1950, not available
    A house is blown up to avenge a woman convicted on Candy's testimony.
  • A Fugitive on Television
    Episode 52, 4 July 1952, not available
    Candy spots a wanted man while she is shopping.
  • Candy Is Behind Bars
    Episode 53, 11 July 1950, not available
    Candy goes undercover in a prison to find the source of narcotics.
  • The Fatal Fall
    Episode 54, 18 July 1950, not available
    A woman dies when she falls from a horse. Is it an accident, or murder?
  • The Lo Jung Case
    Episode 55, 25 July 1950, not available
    An Asian restaurant owner is found dead by Candy and Watson.
  • The Society Matron Murder
    Episode 56, 1 August 1950, not available
    Candy is shot at while investigating the murder of a society matron.
  • Murder at the Network
    Episode 57, 8 August 1950, not available
    Candy investigates a murder for NBC.
  • The Burning House
    Episode 58, 15 August 1950, not available
    A house catches fire and Candy is preventing from helping.
  • A Death in Sacramento
    Episode 59, 22 August 1950, not available
    While in Sacramento, Candy and Mallard find a corpse in the river.
  • The Movie Company
    Episode 60, 29 August 1950, available
    A murder occurs on the set of a movie begin shot in Candy's neighborhood.
  • The Big Frame
    Episode 61, 5 September 1950, not available
    An art dealer in Carmel needs Candy's help.
  • The Egyptian Amulet
    Episode 62, 12 September 1950, available
    Candy takes a risk to help Mallard solve a local murder.
  • A Death in the Ring
    Episode 63, 19 September 1950, not available
    Candy is called to help solve the death of a wrestler.
  • The Mystery on the Fairway
    Episode 64, 26 September 1950, not available
    Watson caddies for Candy, but danger finds them.
  • The Stadium Murder
    Episode 65, 2 October 1950, not available
    Candy and a new boyfriend, Hi Waters, find a corpse at a football game.
  • Candy's Birthday Surprise
    Episode 66, 9 October 1950, not available
    Mallard creates a mock kidnapping and murder for Candy to solve on her birthday.
  • Norvello The Great
    Episode 67, 5 November 1950, not available
    A magician seeks Candy's help when his life is threatened.
  • Paul Drake's Curtain Call
    Episode 68, 12 November 1950, not available
    A movie actor is poisoned and Candy solves his murder. Episode includes another date with Hi Waters.
  • The Death in the Alley
    Episode 69, 19 November 1950, not available
    A pin setter in bowling alley is a homicide victim. Candy investigates.
  • San Juan Bautista
    Episode 70, 26 November 1950, not available
    Candy and Mallard solve a deadly mystery at an old mission.
  • What in the Dickens?
    Episode 71, 7 December 1950, not available
    Mysterious groans and rattling chains scare an old man in his residence.
  • A Palm Springs Vacation
    Episode 72, 14 December 1950, not available
    Candy is ordered to take a vacation by her doctor, but she ends up with a killer in the open sea.
  • A Homicide on Ice
    Episode 73, 21 December 1950, not available
    Candy and Hi Waters go skating, but murder follows.
  • A Crime on the Waterfront
    Episode 74, 28 December 1950, not available
    Candy is asked to solve yacht burglaries, but murder soon finds a corpse.
  • The Moon of Madness
    Episode 75, 4 January 1951, not available
    Mallard is jealous when Candy goes to dinner with Hi Waters. She tells Hi of her first case (in flash back) where she solved a murder on a movie set.
  • The Sea Cliff Mystery
    Episode 76, 11 January 1951, not available
    Candy is called to solve a series of burglaries at the mansion of an eccentric old woman.
  • A Death at the Drive-In
    Episode 77, 18 January 1951, not available
    Candy and Mallard see at movie at the drive-in and discover a corpse in the car next to them.
  • Death Drives Dangerously
    Episode 78, 25 January 1951, not available
    Candy and Watson go to the auto race track for a photo shoot and witness a crash and death of a driver.
  • The Case of the Missing Brother
    Episode 79, 4 February 1951, not available
    A devious business man asks Candy to find his brother.
  • The Mystery at the Morgue
    Episode 80, 11 February 1951, not available
    A female corpse is identified as Candy Matson by the contents of her purse.
  • The Money In The Mattress
    Episode 81, 18 February 1951, not available
    A husband steals $50,000 dollars from his wife's mattress. Mallard agrees to marry Candy, on her 83rd birthday!
  • The Ghost of Grogan's Gulch
    Episode 82, 25 February 1951, not available
    Candy solves a mysterious killing in a Sierra ghost town.
  • A Murder at 10,000 Feet
    Episode 83, 4 March 1951, not available
    Candy flies back home from Reno, and solves the murder of a passenger killed on her flight.
  • The Stinson Beach Mystery
    Episode 84, 11 March 1951, not available
    A machine that can harness the energy of ocean waves is the key to three murders.
  • The Jolly Jailbirds
    Episode 85, 18 March 1951, not available
    Candy and Watson are jailed with two singing drunks. Later, Candy solves the mysterious homicides of winning gamblers.
  • The Roller Coaster Mystery
    Episode 86, 25 March 1951, not available
    A woman, under post-hypnotic suggestion, falls to her death from a roller coaster.
  • A Novel Approach to Burglary
    Episode 87, 1 April 1951, not available
    A female mystery novelist asks Candy to prevent her jewelry from being stolen.
  • The Murder on the Mound
    Episode 88, 8 April 1951, not available
    The mysterious death of a pitcher in a baseball game requires Candy's solution.
  • Voltaire Is Where?
    Episode 89, 15 April 1951, not available
    An old lady hires Candy to find her missing cocker spaniel, Voltaire.
  • The Gang's All Here
    Episode 90, 22 April 1951, not available
    Mallard convinces Candy to go undercover as a boy thief to penetrate a gang of burglars and pickpockets.
  • Candy's Last Case
    Episode 91, 29 April 1951, available
    AKA "Cape Hatteras Diamond." A double murder and a missing diamond lead indirectly to Mallard proposing to Candy, who promptly accepts.
  • The Allison Gray Case
    Audition for series reprise, 21 October 1952, available
    AKA The Fortune Teller. Phone number changed to YUkon 38309.