The Black Museum



Total episodes: 51
Surviving episodes: 51


May 1950
Perhaps the earliest broadcast of The Black Museum was by Radio Luxembourg, a "pirate" radio station. This provided exposure for the series in Europe and England. Order of episodes unknown.
1 January-24 June 1952 and 30 September-30 December 1952
Thirty nine episodes broadcast in the United States via the Mutual Broadcasting System (MBS). Order of episodes unknown.
28 September 1952-28 June 1953
Thirty nine episodes broadcast via Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC). Order of episodes unknown.
An unknown number of episodes were broadcast via Armed Forces Radio and Television Services (AFRTS). Dates of broadcast(s) and order of episodes unknown.


Because episodes were broadcast in different countries at different times over several years, a definitive numbering of episodes may be impossible. This list follows The Definitive The Black Museum (The Digital Deli Too) and is based on chronology. AFRTS Electrical Transcription (E.T.) numbers are included where known.


All episodes are available at the Internet Archive website.

  • A Tan Shoe, Left Foot
    E.T. #14, 15 January 1952
    A murder aboard a train and a missing payroll.
  • The Gas Receipt
    E.T. #39, 29 January 1952
    A receipt for ten gallons of petrol is the clue to a murder of a police constable, shot to death by four bullets.
  • A Wooden Mallet
    E.T. #unknown, 5 February 1952
    On Guy Fawkes day, a man's body is found inside a burning car.
  • A Jack Handle
    E. T. #36, 12 February 1952
    An American soldier and a British pub singer in wartime London have a go at robbery and murder.
  • The [Small] White Boxes
    E.T. #28, 19 February 1952
  • The [Spotted] Bed Sheet
    E.T. #19, 26 February 1952
    Natalie Parson disappears while on a cruise ship.
  • A Telegram
    E.T. #unknown, 4 March 1952
    A chauffeur with a taste for murder and a poor ability to spell is tripped up by a telegram and a long string of co-incidences.
  • The .32 Calibre Centre-Fire Bullet
    E.T. #unknown, 11 March 1952
    Three "youngish" men hold up a jewelry store, and commit a murder while doing it.
  • The Bathtub
    E.T. #25, 1 April 1952
    Edward Jones is married. Very married. He has wives all over the place.
  • A Can of Weed Killer
    E.T. #unknown, 8 April 1952
  • A Leather Bag
    E.T. #unknown, 15 April 1952
    Warren King's body is found on a train with five bullets in his head!
  • A [Doctor's] Prescription [for Morphia]
    E.T. #unknown, 22 April 1952
    June Dawson is paralyzed and depressed. She leaves all her fortune to her nurse in a new will.
  • A Bit of Frosted Glass
    E.T. #unknown, 29 April 1952
    AKA "The Glass Shards." A man and his son find an intruder in their apartment. The older man is shot by a small man.
  • A French-English Dictionary
    E.T. #unknown, 6 May 1952
    A British pub owner has been poisoned. Could it have been his wife and her French-speaking lover?
  • A Claw Hammer
    E.T. #unknown, 13 May 1952
    An old lady's handyman demands fifty pounds and kills her when he doesn't get it.
  • Four Small Bottles
    E.T. #unknown, 20 May 1952
    Oscar Stone, an old man with a young wife, is poisoned with chloroform.
  • A Pair of Spectacles
    E.T. #unknown, 27 May 1952
    Miss Daisy Oliver has disappeared en route to visit Mr. Smith, a strange chicken farmer. Her dismembered body is found buried on the chicken farm.
  • A Letter
    E.T. #unknown, 3 June 1952
    A clever forger uses ingenious methods to swindle banks. The unknown criminal seems educated, perhaps too well educated!
  • A Black Gladstone Bag
    E.T. #unknown, 10 June 1952
  • The Pigskin Glove
    E.T. #unknown, 24 June 1952
    Three women are found shot, each killed with only one bullet. A woman's glove leads to the trail of a beautiful woman and a single shot rifle.
  • A Champagne Glass
    E.T. #26, 30 September 1952
  • A Khaki Handkerchief
    E.T. #unknown, 14 October 1952
    Kate Hart and Doris Lyons are found dead in a wood. The handkerchief leads to a member of the army.
  • A Straight Razor
    E.T. #unknown, 14 December 1952
    The chilling story of a little man with a foreign accent who might have been "Jack The Ripper."
  • A Brass Button
    E.T. #8, 10 May 1953
    Janet Morgan, the "Swamp Girl" is found murdered.
  • A Piece of Iron Chain
    E.T. #unknown, 17 May 1953
    A woman has been hearing ghosts, dragging a chain.
  • A Door Key
    E.T. #1, 18 September 1974
    A key is found beside a dead body.
  • A Car Tyre
    E.T. #2, 25 September 1974
    A policeman is murdered when he stops a stolen car.
  • A Brickbat
    E.T. #3, 2 October 1974
    A handyman fancies his employer's wife. The husband is soon found dead.
  • A Jacket [Sleeveless, Unstitched Baby Jacket]
    E.T. #4, 9 October 1974
    Trevor Moon falls in love and proposes to Evie Rose. Shortly after Evie pays an unannounced visit to Trevor's chicken farm, she disappears.
  • A Scarf [Torn and Ragged]
    E.T. #5, 16 October 1974
    AKA "The Yellow Scarf." A man named Pike likes to use his scarf to strangle his victims.
  • A .22 Calibre Pistol
    E.T. #6, 23 October 1974
    AKA "Little Blue 22." Vivian is a woman scorned, and she has a little blue pistol.
  • A Canvas Bag
    E.T. #9, 13 November 1974
    A young lady is swindled by an evil gentleman.
  • An Open End Wrench
    E.T. #10, 20 November 1974
    A woman found dead in a car leads Scotland Yard to uncover a wrench-wielding murderer.
  • A Mandolin String
    E.T. #11, 27 November 1974
    A woman marries twice, and both times her husband falls down a flight of stairs and breaks his neck.
  • A Pink Powder Puff
    E.T. #unknown, 4 December 1974
    Richard William Heisen, a rogue and murderer, tells his criminal history while waiting to be hanged.
  • A [Length of] Sash Cord
    E.T. #13, 11 December 1974
    In Brighton, a man if found murdered near a theatre.
  • Two Scribble Notes
    E.T. #16, date unknown
    AKA "Kilroy Was Here." The famous slogan is found on two notes and a butcher block near murder victims.
  • A Lady's Shoe
    E.T. #22, date unknown
    Elizabeth Marlowe marries a man who is soon revealed as a fortune hunter . . . and a murderer!
  • A Hammerhead
    E.T. #38, date unknown
    Twenty-three women have been murdered and dismembered around the country.
  • A Shopping Bag
    E.T. #unknown, date unknown
    Stanley Haines has murdered five times, but is finally caught because of his faded green shopping bag.
  • A Shilling
    E.T. #unknown, date unknown
    Joey Bart gets out of prison and visits his brother to get his nightclub back. When Dave Bart is found murdered, a coin paves the way to the gallows!
  • A Silencer
    E.T. #unknown, date unknown
    A man moving into a new house is shot and killed by a gun with a silencer. Other murders follow.
  • The Acid Jar
    E.T. #unknown, date unknown
    Mrs. Regan has disappeared. She had an appointment with the charming Mr. Hart, but never kept it. Mr. Hart is a research chemist.
  • An Auto Service Card
    E.T. #unknown, date unknown
    A murderer is trapped by the odometer reading on his victim's car.
  • An Old-Fashioned Leather Trunk
    E.T. #unknown, date unknown
    A trunk is checked at a railroad station containing a dissected body.
  • A Pint Bottle Labeled Meat Juice
    E.T. #unknown, date unknown
    A two-timing woman has almost certainly poisoned her hypochondriacal husband.
  • The Postcard
    E.T. #unknown, date unknown
    A woman named Alice Cortland is found in Alfie Vines' room. Alice was secretly married to Alfie, and her head has been removed!
  • The Sheath Knife
    E.T. #unknown, date unknown
  • A Walking Stick
    E.T. #unknown, date unknown
    The walking stick, once used by Garibaldi, is the clue to the murder of a doctor's wife.
  • Twin Messengers of Death
    AFRTS #21, date unknown
    AKA Two Bullets. The story of two young punks in wartime London.
  • A Raincoat
    AFRTS #34, date unknown
    A man's wife is found murdered. The husband is suspected and found guilty, but reasonable doubt spares him from the death penalty.