Alan Courtis

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Alan Courtis (Argentina) and Cyrus Pireh (US) collaborate on this innovative sonification from the soup of electromagnetic vibrations in which we live. Courtis and Pireh arranged a series of electric coils throughout a recording studio in Buenos Aires, each connected using liquid circuits of Malbec wine, to amplifiers. They recorded the sounds they heard and then spent a year processing, editing, and arranging those sounds until they had two variations: Coils on Malbec and Malbec on Coils. Released on purple vinyl (limited to 250 copies) and MP3 by (SHIN-053).


Alan Courtis, of Argentina, has already released more than three hundred sound art projects, either alone or with collaborators around the world. His album Naranja Songs (2008, PE 127 Public Eyesore Records), is an acoustic guitar collaboration between Courtis and Tetuzi Akiyama recorded September 2008 at the Naranja Studies, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nijmegen Pulse (2013 kp 3057 Korm Plastics), composed, mixed, recorded, and mastered 28-31 January 2013, in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, is a collaboration between Courtis and BJ Nilsen. They used audio microphones, contact microphones, a homemade hydrophone, digital recorders, a cassette player, a Phillips organ, and an electric guitar, along with field recordings made in Nijmegen and the Extrapool building. Learn more. .