Episode Inventory


Total episodes: 480 (+ 2 auditions)
Surviving episodes: 479


26 June 1952-18 June 1961
Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)


Episodes available at Internet Archive website.

  • Matt Dillon Goes to Gough Eye
    Audition 1; 11 June 1949
    Micheal Rye (credited as Rye Billsbury) as "Mark" Dillon
  • Matt Dillon Goes to Gough Eye
    Audition 2; 13 July 1949
    Remake of audition with Howard Culver as "Mark" Dillon
  • Title Unknown
    Audition 3; 1950
    John Dehner as "Mark" Dillon

First season: 26 April 1952-29 August 1953

  • Billy the Kid
    Episode 001; 26 April 1952
    A Dutchman draws a lynch mob after the whole town accuses him of murder.
  • Ben Thompson
    Episode 002; 3 May 1952
    Matt Dillon defends himself against three men hired by the widow of Lassiter, a notorious gunman he killed in a gunfight.
  • Jaliscoe
    Episode 003; 10 May 1952
    Jaliscoe Pete and his three friends murder Will Thompson and his family and try to make it look like it was done by Indians.
  • Dodge City Killer
    Episode 004; 17 May 1952
    Narisha Yar, daughter of a Comanche chief, and her husband Clancy, are refused a hotel room in Dodge City by Jack Grace, hotel owner. Narisha later kills Grace when he makes unwanted, amorous advances. Some men want to run Narisha out of Dodge. Matt Dillon defends Narisha and she is found innocent. He reminds Clancy and Narisha that Kansas is the frontier, and many people have bitter memories of loved ones killed during the Indian wars. It will take time for those memories to fade. Script available here.
  • Ben Slade's Saloon
    Episode 005; 24 May 1952
    A series of murders of men who have been lucky while gambling leads Marshal Dillon to a most unusual killer.
  • Carmen
    Episode 006; 31 May 1952
    After the army payroll has been robbed, an army Major threatens to declare martial law in Dodge! Connie Dell, a good looking girl keeping bad company becomes the key to the crime. Repeated 21 June 1959
  • Buffalo Killers
    Episode 007; 7 June 1952
    An albino buffalo skin is the clue to the murder of two buffalo hunters, and their father.
  • Jailbait Janet
    Episode 008; 14 June 1952
    Matt Dillon and Chester apprehend three unlikely train robbers: Dan Everly, and his young son, Jerry, and daughter, Janet. They tell Dillon they robbed the train because sparks from a train burned their wheat crop. The officious railroad agent, J. L. Krocker, wants the money returned, and offers a $1,000 no questions asked reward, even while he whips up a lynch mob against the Everlys. Janet breaks her brother and father out of jail. They escape to their camp, where, it turns out, the money is hidden under the campfire. Dillon and Chester arrive, gunfire is exchanged, and Dan Everly is killed. Dillon gives Janet and Jerry $1,000 for a fresh start in Wyoming.
    Repeated 28 June 1959; new production; different cast.
  • Heat Spell
    Episode 009; 21 June 1952
    Trouble arrives in Dodge City with Parson Kirkland. A man is shot and killed soon after and the grieving father, Wade Grider, blames Kirkland. Grier and his other son, Sut, set fire to the church, and beat Kirkland to death. Dillon confronts Grider in a lumber yard where a pile of lumber tagged for the new church falls on and kills Grider. In a strange way, justice and vengeance is served.
  • The Ride Back
    Episode 010; 28 June 1952
    Three days out of Dodge City, Matt Dillon returns with a prisoner, Leeds Martin. They encounter three Cheyennes who, they suspect are planning an ambush. Leeds demands a gun. Dillon refuses. That night, Dillon kills one of the Cheyennes when they raid their camp. The next day, Dillon and Leeds find a cabin where, seemingly, the Cheyenne have killed and mutilated a man, his wife, and their young daughter. Martin is unnerved by the sight of the young girl and begs for a gun so he can kill the Cheyennes. Again, Dillon refuses. The next day they are again ambushed by the Cheyennes. Dillon kills one. Again, Martin begs for gun. Matt, again, refuses and tells Martin to hide while he hunts down and kills the remaining Cheyenne. While closing in on the Cheyenne, Dillon sees Martin attacking him with a rock. The Cheyenne and Martin kill each other. Dillon takes Martin's body to Dodge City where Chester finds a picture of a young girl in Martin's belongings. This picture, perhaps, explains Martin's actions.
  • Never Pester Chester
    Episode 011; 5 July 1952
    Two Texas cowboys drag Chester behind a horse for fun, almost killing him. Marshal Dillon brings in the cowboys, without his guns.
    Repeated 30 October 1960
  • The Boughten Bride
    Episode 012; 12 July 1952
    The stage has been robbed of $50,000, and also Mr. Carter's fiance! When the girl is returned to Dodge, she's not very eager to be with her husband-to-be.
  • Doc Holiday
    Episode 013; 19 July 1952
    Doc Holliday has come to Dodge to kill Big Jack Finley. But Big Jack's son, Thorne Finley, is the real problem.
  • Gentleman's Disagreement
    Episode 014; 26 July 1952
    Ed Beaudry comes to Dodge to kill Bert Wells. A showdown seems inevitable, but Beaudry is found dead!
    Repeated 20 September 1959
  • Renegade White
    Episode 015; 2 August 1952
    Ord Spicer, who sells rifles to the Cheyenne, kills two cowboys with his new Sharps rifles.
  • The Kentucky Tolmans
    Episode 016; 9 August 1952
    The Tolmans from Kentucky include a good looking mountain gal, a drinking old father with a secret, and a son willing to kill to get at it.
  • The Lynching
    Episode 017; 16 August 1952
    Marshal Dillon tries to get proof of the guilt of the leader of a lynch mob. Billy Saxton was hung for being a murderer, without benefit of trial.
  • Shakespeare
    Episode 018; 23 August 1952
    A crazed Shakespearean actor commits murder during a Kansas heat wave.
  • The Juniper Tree
    Episode 019; 30 August 1952
    Jim Stanley, a slow thinking rancher, is framed by Mingo and accused of stealing from his gambling table.
  • The Brothers
    Episode 020; 6 September 1952
    Jim and Will Thompson are in town to sell a herd of horses, or are they? Who are the Thompson Brothers?
  • Home Surgery
    Episode 021; 13 September 1952
    Marshal Dillon is forced to amputate the leg of a settler on the prairie. The man's beautiful daughter is the object of Ben Walling's affection.
    Repeated 23 June 1957
  • Drop Dead
    Episode 022; 20 September 1952
    Greedy Mr. Howard won't let Jack Jackson water his herd during a Kansas drought.
  • The Railroad
    Episode 023; 27 September 1952; rehearsal only available
    Libby Sanger refuses to leave her land for the Transcontinental Railroad, even in the face of a court order. In a misguided shoot out, she is fatally wounded, and dies on the front porch of her house. She tells Matt Dillon to think of her each time the train whistle blows. Matt tells Chester, "Sometimes progress is hard to come by."
    NOTE: The actual episode is lost, but this rehearsal remains. No music, no sound effects, just the dialogue of the show.
  • Cain
    Episode 024; 3 October 1952
    Cain Vestal, a quiet man dying of consumption, buys a gun to kill a man he's never met before.
    Repeated 7 February 1953
  • Hinka-Do
    Episode 025; 10 October 1952
    Tough-talking Mamie takes over the Longhorn Saloon, and the old manager has disappeared! Script available here.
    Repeated 4 October 1959
  • Lochinvar
    Episode 026; 17 October 1952
    Artis Nash is planning to marry Ben Martin, but not if Frank Craig has anything to say about it!
  • The Mortgage
    Episode 027; 24 October 1952 Caleb Andrews forecloses on the Blake family, with the law all on his side! Script available here.
    Repeated 18 October 1959
  • Overland Express
    Episode 028; 31 October 1952
    While taking an escaped killed named Joe Bodrie back to Dodge, Matt and Chester find plenty of action aboard a stagecoach.
  • Tara
    Episode 029; 7 November 1952
    Young Tara has fallen in love with Jack Grace, who's no damn good!
  • The Square Triangle
    Episode 030; 14 November 1952
    Eva Morley causes the death of three men. There aren't many women like her!
    Repeated 15 November 1959
  • Fingered
    Episode 031; 21 November 1952
    Jim Corbett's new wife has disappeared, just like his previous wife!
  • Kitty
    Episode 032; 29 November 1952
    Marshal Dillon insists on bringing Kitty to a Dodge City dance, despite what the "decent" folk think.
  • I Don't Know
    Episode 033; 6 December 1952
    Little Danny Birch brings Marshal Dillon and Chester out to the ranch . . . and a secret about his father.
  • Post Martin
    Episode 034; 13 December 1952
    Beautiful Catherine Blair arrives in Dodge to visit her brother Martin, who's in jail to be tried for murder and cattle rustling.
  • Christmas Story
    Episode 035; 20 December 1952
    Marshal Dillon tells Amos Crowley about last year's Christmas in Dodge.
  • The Cabin
    Episode 036; 27 December 1952
    Entering a cabin during a blizzard, Matt is imprisoned by "Hack" and "Alvie," two mad-dog killers who plan to murder him in cold blood!
  • Westbound
    Episode 037; 3 January 1953
    Marshal Dillon and Chester arrest Jack Daggett in Abilene for murder and plan to take him back to Dodge. Daggett's two older brothers have other ideas.
    Repeated 1 November 1959
  • Word of Honor
    Episode 038; 10 January 1953
    After treating a wounded man, Doc gives his word of honor not to reveal the identity or hiding place of the killers.
    Repeated 3 July 1954; 7 July 1957
  • Paid Killer
    Episode 039; 17 January 1953
    Lawson Hales hires a killer to gun down Marshal Dillon for $5000 in gold.
    Repeated 22 November 1959
  • The Old Lady
    Episode 040; 24 January 1953
    Ellen Henry, a bitter widow with a drunken son, has a secret that involves stolen cattle.
  • Cavalcade
    Episode 041; 31 January 1953
    Doc Adams is, in reality, Calvin Moore, a murderer!
    Repeated 8 November 1959
  • Cain
    Episode 042; 7 February 1953
    Cain Vestal, a quiet man dying of consumption, buys a gun to kill a man he's never met before.
    Repeated 7 February 1953
  • The Round-Up
    Episode 043; 14 February 1953
    During the annual round-up in Dodge, Matt's old pal Zell Matlock offers to help out, and is shot by Dillon!
  • Meshaugah
    Episode 044; 21 February 1953
    An entire town terrorized by a gang of killers.
  • Trojan War
    Episode 045; 28 February 1953
    The Pueblo Gang comes to Dodge, robs the stage and kills two drivers and a Helen Ford, an old girlfriend of Marshall Dillon!
    Repeated 3 January 1960
  • Absalom
    Episode 046; 7 March 1953
    Billy Mallor, along with his father and his father's Texas gang, shoot up Dodge. Most of the townsfolk want Marshal Dillon to let him get away with it!
  • Cyclone
    Episode 047; 14 March 1953
    The Cyclone Ranch has been sold under strange circumstances. Marshal Dillon suspects foul play.
  • Pussy Cats
    Episode 048; 21 March 1953
    Jack Farah and his wife calmly kill four men in Dodge and then ride out of town.
  • Quarter Horse
    Episode 049; 28 March 1953
    Thatcher and his quarter-horse from Missouri challenges Butler to a grudge race, with his ranch as the stakes!
    Repeated 1 June 1958
  • Jayhawkers
    Episode 050; 4 April 1953
    A band of Jayhawkers has been preying on a cattle drive from Texas. Marshal Dillon lends a hand.
    Repeated 11 August 1957
  • Gonif
    Episode 051; 11 April 1953
    Frank Bissell and his gang have come to Dodge. Marshal Dillon gives them until sundown to leave Dodge.
  • Bum's Rush
    Episode 052; 18 April 1953
    Marshal Dillon captures two killers and brings them back to Dodge. Three witnesses come forward to prove them innocent, for an unusual reason.
  • The Soldier
    Episode 053; 25 April 1953
    Two soldiers get into trouble with a strict commander. Marshal Dillon tries to help.
  • Tacetta
    Episode 054; 2 May 1953
    A beautiful girl in Dodge named "Tacetta" causes a hanging in the jail, a gunfight with Chester, and another gunfight with Marshal Dillon.
  • The Buffalo Hunter
    Episode 055; 9 May 1953
    A buffalo hunter named Gatliff brings a dying buffalo skinner into Dodge. His face had been pushed into a pan of hot lead! Soon afterwards, a nester is found stabbed to death.
    Repeats 24 October 1953 episode
    Repeated 30 June 1957
  • The Big Con
    Episode 056; 16 May 1953
    A fascinating, original way to rob a bank!
    Repeated 13 November 1960
  • Print Asper
    Episode 057; 23 May 1953
    Rabb is a dishonest lawyer who tries to cheat John Asper out of his ranch. Lawyer Rabb is found shot four days later, it looks as if one of Asper's sons did the shooting.
  • Fall Semester
    Episode 058; 30 May 1953
    Lee Dargan is being cheated by his foreman Jim Slater. His cattle are being stolen, but he doesn't know how!
  • Sundown
    Episode 059; 6 June 1953
    Marshal Dillon and Chester find an Indian squaw dying on the prairie and suspects foul play.
  • Spring Term
    Episode 060; 13 June 1953
    After an innocent man is killed right on Front Street, Matt figures out that he is the target of a killer hired by Danch, a man with no ear. Danch had sworn to kill Dillon.
    Repeated 1 January 1960
  • Wind
    Episode 061; 20 June 1953
    Dolly Varden causes the citizens of Dodge to kill each other while playing Faro. When Marshal Dillon orders her out of town, she refuses and Dillon can't seem to do a thing about it!
  • Flashback
    Episode 062; 27 June 1953
    Stark vs. Colonel Beck. A contest complicated by Beck's son Brian and Cottonmouth, a cheating gambler!
  • Dirt
    Episode 063; 4 July 1953
    A shotgun wedding in Dodge, but with a twist. The groom gets shot if he marries the girl, and also if he doesn't. What about Crazy Beulah?
    Repeated 27 November 1960
  • Grass
    Episode 064; 11 July 1953
    Harry Pope is sure there are Indians sneaking around his farm at night. After shooting an "Indian," it turns out to have been a cowboy trying to get him to leave his land.
    Repeated 25 August 1957
  • Wild West
    Episode 065; 18 July 1953
    Young Yorky Kelly tells Marshal Dillon that his father has been kidnapped. The old man is found out on the prairie, almost starved to death.
  • Hickok
    Episode 066; 25 July 1953
    Wild Bill Hickok sends a telegram to Marshal Dillon, warning him that two killers named Teeters and Gridler are coming to Dodge. Wild Bill asks Dillon to keep them in Dodge, but not to arrest them!
  • Boy
    Episode 067; 1 August 1953
    Webb Johnson buys the Long Branch saloon, and stocks it with beautiful girls.
  • Sky
    Episode 068; 8 August 1953
    Frogmouth Kate has been killed and the obvious suspect has left town in a panic.
  • Moon
    Episode 069; 15 August 1953
    Vint James loses $750 to Charlie Brewer at his blackjack table. Vint uses his girlfriend to lure Charlie out in the alley, where he's murdered and his money stolen.
  • Gone Straight
    Episode 070; 22 August 1953
    Marshal Dillon and Chester ride to Tascosa to bring back Dave Shaw, a gunman trying to go straight.
  • Jesse
    Episode 071; 29 August 1953
    Jesse Pruitt comes to Dodge with his evil friend "Staph," in search of the man who killed his father.

Second season: 5 September 1953-30 August 1954

  • The Sutler
    Episode 072; 5 September 1953
    Mr. Jonas, the sutler at the army post, is about to lose his job, because of the Major and the sutler's assistant.
  • Prairie Happy
    Episode 073; 12 September 1953
    The Pawnees are attacking tomorrow at dawn, or are they?
  • There Was Never A Horse
    Episode 074; 19 September 1953
    Ken Creed comes to Dodge. He's the fastest gunman ever (faster even than Marshal Dillon), and he's looking for a shootout!
  • Fawn
    Episode 075; 26 September 1953
    Mrs. Phillips returns to civilization after being a captive of the Indians for ten years.
  • How To Kill A Friend
    Episode 076; 3 October 1953
    Two gamblers being run out of town by Marshal Dillon hire and old friend of Dillon's, Toque Morlan, to kill him!
    Repeated 20 March 1954; retitled "Old Friend"
    Repeated 5 May 1958
  • How To Die for Nothing
    Episode 077; 10 October 1953
    After Marshal Dillon shoots a drunken cowboy, his brother swears to shoot him in the back.
    Repeated 10 May 1958
  • Yorky
    Episode 078; 17 October 1953
    A young white boy captured from an Arapahoe raiding party wants to return to the Indians.
    Repeated 6 April 1958
  • The Buffalo Hunter
    Episode 079; 24 October 1953
    A buffalo hunter named Gatliff brings a dying buffalo skinner into Dodge, His face had been pushed into a pan of hot lead! Soon afterwards, a nester is found stabbed to death.
    Repeats 9 May 1953 episode
    Repeated 30 June 1957
  • How To Kill A Woman
    Episode 080; 31 October 1953
    Nat Pilcher is one tough hombre that Marshal Dillon suspects has robbed the stage. His friend Jesse Dagget believes that every man should kill his own snakes.
    Repeated 20 November 1954
  • Stolen Horses
    Episode 081; 7 November 1953
    Marshal Dillon and Chester set out over the prairie to find the two men who shot Jim Redigo and stole his horses.
  • Professor Lute Bone
    Episode 082; 14 November 1953
    The Professor is selling wormseed tonic that cures just about everything, possibly because it contains opium!
    Repeated 20 October 1957
  • Custer
    Episode 083; 21 November 1953
    A stranger has murdered old man Granby, but Marshal Dillon can not prove it.
    Repeated 22 September 1957
  • Kick Me
    Episode 084; 28 November 1953
    An Indian scout named Tobile vows to kill the two white men who played a cruel practical joke on him, and who have insulted his honor.
    Repeated 19 October 1958
  • The Lamb
    Episode 085; 5 December 1953
    Lew Madellon is the fastest gunfighter in Colorado Territory. When he comes to Dodge, so does Ab Fisher.
  • The Cast
    Episode 086; 12 December
    Doc tries to save Shell Tucker's wife after she swallows a nail. When he fails to save her, Shell swears revenge on Doc, and almost succeeds! A horse with a broken leg might make him change his mind.
    Repeated 27 July 1958
  • Big Girl Lost
    Episode 087; 19 December 1953
    Laura Simmons, who works for Kitty in the Long Horn, is visited by her ex-fiancé from Philadelphia, and who wants to take her back.
    Repeated 21 September 1958
  • The Guitar
    Episode 088; 26 December 1953
    Simple-minded Weeb Pendle comes to Dodge riding on a mule. He's promptly picked on by bullies. Script available here.
    Repeated 2 March 1958
  • Stage Holdup
    Episode 089; 2 January 1954
    Jermo and Charlie rob the stage while Marshal Dillon is a sleeping passenger.
  • Joke's on Us
    Episode 090; 9 January 1954
    Three men lynch a rancher for stealing horses. Two of the men are shot, and the third one is threatened.
    Repeated 9 February 1958
  • The Bear
    Episode 091; 16 January 1954
    Mike Blocker is a large, good-natured man who is about to be married. Joe Plummer plays one practical joke too many and pays the price.
  • Nina
    Episode 092; 23 January 1954
    An army scout named Cuff Peters leaves his pregnant Mexican wife in Dodge. Hank Lawson causes a miscarriage while annoying Mrs. Peters.
  • Gunsmuggler
    Episode 093; 30 January 1954
    The Pawnees have killed a family of homesteaders using guns smuggled to them by a white man. Marshal Dillon, Chester and an Indian scout track the Indians, hoping to find the white gun smuggler.
  • Big Broad
    Episode 094; 6 February 1954
    Two hundred pound Lena Wave swaggers into Dodge and throws her weight around. She is good with a six-gun too!
  • The Killer
    Episode 095; 13 February 1954
    Crego is a cowardly killer who's very particular about whom he shoots.
  • Last Fling
    Episode 096; 20 February 1954
    Two harmless old geezers come to Dodge for a good time, and accuse Kitty of trying to kill them! Maybe they're not so harmless after all!
  • Bad Boy
    Episode 097; 27 February 1954
    Young Tom Vickers is being led astray by his friend Blake. Cattle rustling and murder soon follow.
  • The Gentleman
    Episode 098; 6 March 1954
    A Philadelphia gambler named Marcus France is in love with Mavis McLeod, and heading for a showdown with a bully named Tiller Evans.
  • Confederate Money
    Episode 099; 13 March 1954
    Neil Butler is fired by his boss Fate Ender when Lee Shin comes to town. Fate is bushwacked and wounded. He swears to get Neil for the crime.
  • Old Friend
    Episode 100; 20 March 1954
    After trying to bribe Marshal Dillon, a gambler named Ben Corder hires Toque Morlan to kill Matt!
    Repeats 3 October 1953 episode; "How To Kill A Friend"
  • Blood Money
    Episode 101; 27 March 1954
    Joe Harp is a likable fellow who turns out to have a price on his head. Harry Speener has been helped by Joe, but isn't very grateful.
    Repeated 6 March 1960
  • Mr. and Mrs. Amber
    Episode 102; 3 April 1954
    After Neil Amber is caught stealing seeds from the General Store, Pete Fletcher (a wealthy rancher), accuses Amber's wife of stealing one of his calves.
    Repeated 21 February 1960
  • Greater Love
    Episode 103; 10 April 1954
    Two gunmen are wounded while holding up the stage. Howard Brand is one of the robbers, and he's been fatally wounded. Doc is kidnapped by the other members of the gang.
    Repeated 3 April 1960
  • What the Whiskey Drummer Heard
    Episode 104; 17 April 1954
    Wilbur Hawkins tells Marshal Dillon about a plot against his life. When Dillon pretends to be dead, two different people brag about killing him!
    Repeated 29 June 1958
  • Murder Warrant
    Episode 105; 24 April 1954
    Likeable Lee Prentiss is ambushed. Jake Harbin is not so likeable, but he's a deputy sheriff with a warrant for Prentiss' arrest.
  • Cara
    Episode 106, 1 May 1954
    Ben Tolliver and his gang are coming to Dodge to rob the bank. Marshal Dillon suspects his old girlfriend Cara is a member of the gang.
  • The Constable
    Episode 107; 8 May 1954
    When a trail boss objects to Marshal Dillon's peacekeeping methods, and the town's merchants ask him to ease off, Dillon vows to make no further arrests. The town then hires an unusual "constable" to keep the peace.
    Repeated 20 March 1960
  • The Indian Horse
    Episode 108; 15 May 1954
    Obnoxious Lieutenant Flagg wins a horse race against Sy Pilcher. Old Howling Dog is another matter, however.
  • Monopoly
    Episode 109; 22 May 1954
    A "businessman" from St. Louis named Ivy is planning to take over the freight business in Dodge, with a gunfighter to help him do it!
  • Feud
    Episode 110; 29 May 1954
    An Ozark Mountains feud comes to the plains of Dodge City. Repeated 25 December 1955 with the title "Twelfth Night."
  • Blacksmith
    Episode 111; 5 June 1954
    Emil, a good natured German blacksmith, is picked on by Gil Tallman, once too often!
  • The Cover Up
    Episode 112; 12 June 1954
    Barnaby Hoffer plans to kills Art Long, but both of them are found dead! It looks like Sam Baxtin did it!
  • Going Bad
    Episode 113; 19 June 1954
    Young Dave Robbins meets up with a "hard case." He's Luke Quiller and sure enough, murder follows upon murder!
  • Claustrophobia
    Episode 114; 26 June 1954
    Giles and Deaver are two bad guys, one of whom is killed by Obie Ridgers. Despite his claustrophobia and preference for hanging, the judge sentences Obie to life in prison!
  • Word of Honor
    Episode 115; 3 July 1954
    After treating a wounded man, Doc gives his word of honor not to reveal the identities or hiding place of his criminal patients.
    Repeats episode 038; 10 January 1953
    Repeated 7 July 1957
  • Hack Prine
    Episode 116; 5 July 1954
    A professional gunman, who is an old friend of Marshal Dillon's, is hired by a coward and an enemy of Dillon's to gun down the Marshall. Script available here. Repeated 28 April 1956.
  • Texas Cowboys
    Episode 117; 12 July 1954
    Marshal Dillon threatens to close down Front Street to a Texas trail gang, unless they turn over a murderer to him. Sam Peoples is nominated to hang for the crime. Script available here.
  • The Queue
    Episode 118; 19 July 1954
    An educated Chinaman named Chin Wong comes to Dodge to work as a cook. When two bullies steal his pigtail, he threatens to kill them. Script available here.
  • Matt for Murder
    Episode 119; 26 July 1954
    aka "How To Catch A Marshall." Red Samples accuses Marshal Dillon of murdering his partner. Wild Bill Kickok is sent to arrest Dillon so he can stand trial. Script available here.
  • No Indians
    Episode 120; 2 August 1954
    Matt commits cold blooded murder four times to kill off members of a gang who are scalping settlers and blaming the Pawnees.
  • Joe Phy
    Episode 121; 9 August 1954
    "Marshal" Joe Phy is running the town of Elkader with an iron fist, until Matt Dillon comes to town! Script available here.
  • Mavis McCloud
    Episode 122; 16 August 1954
    Young and beautiful Mavis arrives in Dodge looking for a husband. Finding one in a short time, her troubles are just beginning, and so are Marshal Dillon's! Script available here.
    Repeated 9 April 1959
  • Young Man with a Gun
    Episode 123; 23 August 1954
    Shortly after Marshal Dillon is forced to kill Sam Kertcher, young Peyt Kertcher comes to Dodge, to kill Marshal Dillon! Script available.
  • Obie Tater
    Episode 124; 30 August 1954
    Two tough guys rough up Obie Tater to force him to tell where his gold is hidden. When that fails, Obie finds himself suddenly married. Script available here.

Third season: 6 September 1954-27 August 1955

  • The Handcuffs
    Episode 125; 6 September 1954
    AKA "The Promise" although this title scratched out on script. Hank Springer has been shot in the leg, but manages to strangle a deputy sheriff and avoid being taken in for trial. Script available here.
  • Dooley Surrenders
    Episode 126; 13 September 1954
    A buffalo skinner named Emmett Dooley confesses to Marshal Dillon that he's killed a man, but Matt has a good reason for refusing to put him in jail. Script available here.
  • The F.U.
    Episode 127; 20 September 1954
    It appears that Al Clovis has shot Onie Becker in the back, killing him. Clovis leads Marshal Dillon and Chester out of town so the bank can be robbed. Script available here.
  • Helping Hand
    Episode 128; 27 September 1954
    Steve Elser is just about to be lynched for cattle rustling, but is saved by Marshal Dillon. Matt gives young Elser a chance, but this might be a mistake. Script available here.
  • Matt Gets It
    Episode 129; 2 October 1954
    Dan Grat comes to Dodge on the lam from Amarillo. After shooting the sheriff of Amarillo, he faces Marshal Dillon in a gunfight, and shoots him down!
  • Love of a Good Woman
    Episode 130; 9 October 1954
    Coney Thorn plans to kill Marshal Dillon. Coney is sick however, so first Abby Twilling (a good friend of Doc's) has to nurse him back to health.
  • Kitty Caught
    Episode 131; 16 October 1954
    The Karp Brothers rob the bank in Dodge and take Kitty with them as a hostage.
    Repeated 21 July 1957
  • Ma Tennis
    Episode 132; 23 October 1954
    After Andy Tennis kills an unarmed man and is arrested by Marshal Dillon, Ma Tennis comes to town, with her shotgun!
  • The Patsy
    Episode 133; 30 October 1954
    Dave Thorpe has been shot in the back and killed. Holly Fanshaw says Fly Hoyt is the killer, Mr. Hoyt has a different opinion.
  • Smoking Out of the Beedles
    Episode 134; 6 November 1954 Jim Beedle and his wife refuse to leave their forty acres. They claim they bought it from Pat Clay, but can't prove it.
  • Wrong Man
    Episode 135; 13 November 1954 Sam Rickers claims a $1000 reward for the dead body of outlaw Bob Hulburt. However, the body was not Bob Hulburt's, and it does have a bullet in the back!
    8 May 1960 episode has same title, but a different script.
  • How to Kill A Woman
    Episode 136; 20 November 1954
    The stage is robbed and a passenger murdered in cold blood. Suspicion falls on Nate Pilcher, a friend of Jesse Daggett.
    Repeats episode 080; 31 October 1953
  • Cooter
    Episode 137; 27 November 1954
    Kitty mentions that she plans on staying at the Long Branch "for a while." Ben Sisle uses a hired gun and then simple-minded Cooter Smith to be his bodyguard.
  • Cholera
    Episode 138; 4 December 1954
    An outbreak of cholera complicates a feud between two neighbors out on the prairie.
  • Bone Hunters
    Episode 139; 11 December 1954
    It appears as if Noley Meeker has murdered Bill Zant. The two buffalo bone hunters had been trying to kill each other in Dodge, yet Marshal Dillon suspects something is wrong.
  • Magnus
    Episode 140; 18 December 1954
    Magnus Proudfoot, Chester's "uncivilized" brother, has arrived in Dodge, permanently!
  • Kitty Lost
    Episode 141; 25 December 1954
    Kitty has disappeared, and so has a dude named Jim Rachmil. They were both last seen riding off for a moonlight buggy ride.
  • The Bottle Man
    Episode 142; 1 January 1955
    An old drunk named Tom Cassidy is determined to kill a gambler named Bill Clell, for a good reason. Script available here.
  • Robin Hood
    Episode 143; 8 January 1955
    The stage has been robbed by a gentleman, in the manner of Robin Hood. Was it Teddy Blue Fisher? Script available here.
  • Chester's Murder
    Episode 144; 15 January 1955
    Charlie Pickard has been shot and killed while Chester was taking him to jail. All the evidence points to Chester as the murderer! Script available here.
  • Sins of the Father
    Episode 145; 22 January 1955
    Big Dan Daggett is a big mountain man. His Kiowa wife is the daughter of Chief Yellow Horse and much hated in Dodge by some. Script available here.
  • Young Love
    Episode 146; 29 January 1955
    Jesse Wheat is shot in cold blood by two drifters who plan to take over his cattle, his wife, and his ranch. Script available here.
  • Cheyennes
    Episode 147; 5 February 1955
    The Cheyenne have gotten repeating rifles and are leaving the reservation for the warpath. A new army captain proves an added problem. Script available here.
  • Chester's Hanging
    Episode 148; 12 February 1955
    Candow's partner is desperate to break him out of jail and even hires a professional gunman to do the job. Script available here.
  • Poor Pearl
    Episode 149; 19 February 1955
    Willy Calhoun comes to Dodge to claim his bride Pearl, with a rifle! Script available here.
  • Crack-Up
    Episode 150; 26 February 1955
    Nate Springer, the gunman with nerves of ice, has come to Dodge to kill, but who? And, what's wrong with his nerves? Script available here.
  • Kite's Reward
    Episode 151; 5 March 1955
    A naturally fast gunfighter named Andy Travis is a very nice guy. He's come to Dodge to start a new life, but so has Joe Kite! Script available here.
  • The Trial
    Episode 152; 12 March 1955
    Judge Stokes has arrived in Dodge to dispense a most unusual brand of justice. A killing and $10,000 from a robbery are at stake. Script available here. Repeated 22 March 1959
  • The Mistake
    Episode 153; 19 March 1955
    Faro dealer Earl Hanley has been killed. Suspect Sam Bostick says Doc is his alibi, but Doc's out of town! Script available here.
  • Horse Deal
    Episode 154; 26 March 1955 Charlie Deesha's horses have been stolen, and the thief is selling them all over Dodge! Script available here.
  • Bloody Hands
    Episode 155; 2 April 1955
    Marshal Dillon gets sick of killing and resigns his job. Script available here. Repeated 14 July 1957
  • Skid Row
    Episode 156; 9 April 1955
    Ann Cabot comes to Dodge looking for Jack Schomer, who happens to be the town coward and drunk. Script available here.
  • The Gypsum Hills Feud
    Episode 157; 16 April 1955
    Marshall Dillon is almost shot when he gets involved in the feud between the Peavy's and the Cades. Script available here.
  • Born To Hang
    Episode 158; 23 April 1955
    Joe Digger is lynched by two ranchers, but he is cut down before he dies and swears to kill the men who tried to kill him. Script available here.
    Repeated 9 October 1960
  • Reward for Matt
    Episode 159; 30 April 1955
    Mrs. Hornsby gets pretty mad when Marshal Dillon kills her husband. She offers a $1000 reward for anyone who kills Dillon! Script available here.
  • Potato Road
    Episode 160; 7 May 1955
    The Grelk family plan to kill Marshal Dillon and Chester who are locked in the potato cellar. Script available here.
  • Robber Bridegroom
    Episode 161; 14 May 1955
    Franklin Reeves' fiancee is kidnapped off a stagecoach. The robber returns and surrenders for a strange reason. Script available here.
  • The Liar from Blackhawk
    Episode 162; 21 May 1955
    Hank Shinn has Dodge buffaloed by his reputation as a gunman. Is he all talk? Script available here.
  • Cow Doctor
    Episode 163; 28 May 1955
    Ben Pitcher, a man who hates doctors, sends for Doc Adams to tend his sick cow. Tragedy follows. Script available here. Repeated 28 July 1957
  • Jealousy
    Episode 164; 4 June 1955
    A trouble-making Faro dealer named Lonnie Pike has his hand stabbed while dealing. He threatens to make trouble for Marshal Dillon. Script available here.
  • Trust
    Episode 165; 11 June 1955
    Marshal Dillon is forced to give a gun to his prisoner to help capture a stagecoach robber. Script available here.
  • The Reed Survives
    Episode 166; 18 June 1955
    Booth Rider is tricked into killing Ephraim Hunt, the bible-quoting husband of a scheming woman. However, Lucy Hunt gets one more killing than she counted on! Script available here. Repeated 23 August 1959
  • The Army Trial
    Episode 167; 25 June 1955
    Jed Cook deserts from the Army to marry Della Masters. Script available here.
  • General Parsley Smith
    Episode 168; 2 July 1955
    "General" Smith is warning Dodge about Drew Holt and his new bank. He accuses Holt of being a thief, but General Smith is a liar!
  • Uncle Oliver
    Episode 169; 9 July 1955
    Oliver and Viney Stang decide to get Chester's job, and the easiest way to do that is to shoot Chester, which is exactly what they do!
  • 20/20
    Episode 170; 16 July 1955
    Troy Carver, a gunman who doesn't see very well, is determined to go ahead with a gunfight.
  • Ben Tolliver's Stud
    Episode 171; 23 July 1955
    Ben Tolliver is accused of stealing a stud horse from Jake Creed, and Creed threatens to kill him, or worse!
    Repeated 2 June 1957
  • Tap Day for Kitty
    Episode 172; 30 July 1955
    Nip Culler, a crazy old man, proposes to Kitty and won't take "no" for an answer.
  • Innocent Broad
    Episode 173; 8 August 1955
    Linda Bell, a seventeen year old girl, comes to Dodge to meet her fiancé, but finds trouble instead.
  • Johnny Red
    Episode 174; 13 August 1955
    Billy Krale returns to his old mother seventeen years after he ran away from home. But he's not really Billy Krale!
    Repeated 13 September 1959
  • Indian Scout
    Episode 175; 20 August 1955
    Amos Cartwright is a half breed Comanche hated by both his tribe and the whites, and with good reason!
  • Doc Quits
    Episode 176; 27 August 1955
    Doc Betchell comes to practice medicine in Dodge and gives Doc Adams a bit of competition. So much in fact, that Doc Adams quits!

Fourth season: 3 September 1955-

  • Change of Heart
    Episode 177; 3 September 1955
    AKA "A Family Affair." Jerry Cass plans to marry Bella Grant, a dance hall girl at the Long Branch. His brother Brisco Cass plans to stop the wedding, with lead if necessary.
  • Alarm at Pleasant Valley
    Episode 178; 10 September 1955
    A band of Kiowa Indians attacks the Clayburn family. Sam Fraser decides to give up and leave the territory.
  • Thoroughbreds
    Episode 179; 17 September 1955
    Jack Portas comes to Dodge, with two beautiful horses and a pocketful of money with which to buy friends.
  • Indian White
    Episode 180; 24 September 1955
    Dennis Cullen, raised as a white boy but really an Indian, leaves to join the Cheyenne during an Indian uprising.
  • The Barton Boy
    Episode 181; 1 October 1955
    The baggage clerk aboard the train to Dodge is killed and $20,000 is stolen. Young Billy Barton is also shot, but he can identify the killer's voice, and the killer knows it! Script available here.
  • Good Girl - Bad Company
    Episode 182; 8 October 1955
    After the Army payroll is robbed, Major Harris threatens to declare martial law in Dodge! Jenny Lane, a good girl keeping bad company, becomes the key to the crime.
    Repeats episode 006, 31 May 1952 Script available here.
  • The Coward
    Episode 183; 9 October 1955
    An unknown coward in Dodge is out to kill Marshal Dillon. Script available here.
    Repeated 4 January 1959
  • Trouble in Kansas
    Episode 184; 16 October 1955
    Jim Hoyt and his boss Jack Raven are Texans driving a herd to Dodge. En route, they're attacked by Jayhawkers, so Raven plans to kill him a few Kansans! Script available here.
  • Brush at Elkader
    Episode 185; 23 October 1955
    Ben Williams is murdered by Lou Shippen. Matt has to travel to the very tough town of Elkader to bring him back, not an easy job! Script available here. Repeated 16 November 1958
  • The Choice
    Episode 186; 30 October 1955
    Andy Hill, an outlaw trying to go straight, gets a job riding shotgun on the stage. Script available here. Repeated 28 December 1958
  • The Second Choice
    Episode 187; 6 November 1955
    Andy Hill, a reformed gunfighter, must return to Oklahoma Territory to stand trial for murder. Script available here.
  • The Preacher
    Episode 188; 13 November 1955
    Seth Tandy, a preacher who's lost his faith, is beaten to a pulp by Sam Keeler. Keeler's the biggest, meanest, red-head ever seen in Dodge! Script available here.
  • Dutch George
    Episode 189; 20 November 1955
    Dutch George, the biggest horse thief in the West, returns to Dodge. He seems to be up to his old tricks! Script available here.
  • Amy's Good Deal
    Episode 190; 27 November 1955
    Amy Slater comes to Dodge, determined to make Marshal Dillon kill her! Script available here.
  • Sunny Afternoon
    Episode 191; 4 December 1955
    It has been a cold winter in Dodge, and only the town miser has enough hay for the cattle. Script available here.
  • Land Deal
    Episode 192; 11 December 1955
    Trumbull is selling land that does not belong to him, and stealing a wife on the side!
  • Scared Kid
    Episode 193; 18 December 1955
    A nice young man named Gil Varden kills Henry Gant after an argument in the Long Branch, and leaves town in a hurry. Script available here.
  • Twelfth Night
    Episode 194; 25 December 1955
    Eban Hakes has walked all the way from the Ozarks, just to kill Joff Monger. A family feud going on for years is about to break out in Dodge, but never on Sunday! Script available here.
    Repeats "Feud" episode 110; 29 May 1954 with new title
    Repeated 28 December 1957
  • Pucket's New Year
    Episode 195; 1 January 1956
    Jed Larner has left Ira Pucket out on the prairie, where his foot becomes badly frozen and is cut off by Doc. Feeling that he is less than a man, Pucket decides to rob a bank!
    Repeated 5 January 1958, 27 December 1959
  • Doc's Revenge
    Episode 196; 8 January 1956
    Clem Maddow is found shot in the back shortly after his life was threatened by Doc Adams.
  • How To Cure A Friend
    Episode 197; 15 January 1956
    Marshal Dillon's old friend Nick Search comes to Dodge to start a gambling game. Dillon's heard that he's a crooked dealer, and a very fast gunman.
  • Romeo
    Episode 198; 22 January 1956
    Andy Bowers and Judy Worth plan to elope despite the hatred of their fathers.
  • Bureaucrat
    Episode 199; 29 January 1956
    Rex Proctor, a government inspector, comes to Dodge to enforce a strict set of rules on the town.
  • Legal Revenge
    Episode 200; 5 February 1956
    Marshal Dillon and Chester visit a dying man and his strange wife in a cabin out on the prairie. There's an unusual secret between the man and his wife.
  • Kitty's Outlaw
    Episode 201; 12 February 1956
    Cole Yankton comes to Dodge, and he's obviously up to no good. Two days later, the bank is held up, and Miss Kitty seems to be in on the job!
  • The New Hotel
    Episode 202; 19 February 1956
    A new hotel is being built by Enoch Mills, which does not please Jim Dobie, owner of The Dodge House.
  • Who Lives by the Sword
    Episode 203; 26 February 1956
    Marshal Dillon beats up Joe Delk, a professional gunfighter. Delk loses his courage shortly thereafter.
  • The Hunter
    Episode 204; 4 March 1956
    Marshal Dillon battles Jase Murdock, an insane buffalo hunter.
  • Bringing Down Father
    Episode 205; 11 March 1956
    When Harley Burke is arrested for murder, young Andy Gillan takes over as trail boss of his father's herd. Marshal Dillon suspects the obvious killer may not be the guilty one.
  • The Man Who Would Be Marshall
    Episode 206; 18 March 1956
    M. Emmett Egan comes to Dodge to become Marshal, and is willing to pay Matt Dillon $50,000 for the job!
  • Hanging Man
    Episode 207; 25 March 1956
    Sawyer the store keeper is found hanging in his shop. Mel Tucker is found spending money shortly thereafter.
  • How To Sell A Ranch
    Episode 208; 1 April 1956
    Why is Wayne Rudman willing to pay $15,000 for old Tupp Quaver's ranch, which is hardly worth $10,000?
  • Widow's Mite
    Episode 209; 8 April 1956
    A widow is not telling where her outlaw husband hid the loot from his last job. Then however, she suddenly remarries.
  • The Executioner
    Episode 210; 15 April 1956
    Tom Clegg, a fast gunman, provokes and kills Abe Curry. Abe's brother Morgan plans revenge.