Space Patrol



Total episodes: 149
Surviving episodes: 96
NOTE: Thirty-minute weekly episodes. Episode numbers jump from 52 to 105 and then continue to 181, possibly to match previous series (Jerry Haendiges Vintage Radio Logs).


4 October 1952-19 March 1955
American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
NOTE: Prior to October 1952, no transcriptions (recordings) are identified, so earlier episodes were probably delivered live.


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  • Buzz Corry Becomes Commander-in-Chief
    Episode 00a, November 1954
    The story of how Buzz Corry became Commander-in-Chief of the Space Patrol. The first of two prequels produced following Mike Moser's death in 1953 by his widow, Helen Moser, and Lou Spence. (Decca (K-135-1) 10", 78rpm, November 1954).
  • Cadet Happy Joins Commander Corry
    Episode 00b, November 1954
    Cadet Happy wins a scholarship and is assigned to Commander Corry. The second of two prequels produced following Mike Moser's death in 1953 by his widow, Helen Moser, and Lou Spence. (Decca (K-135-2) 10", 78rpm, November 1954). Reissued by Festival Records (Australia, DCI 012) as part of the children's series.
  • Unknown Title
    Episode 001, 4 October 1952, lost
  • Unknown Title
    Episode 002, 11 October 1952, lost Lost
  • Unknown Title
    Episode 003, 18 October 1952, lost
  • The Hole in Empty Space
    Episode 004, 25 October 1952, available
    Commander Corry, Cadet Happy, and Professor Jelka must stop a "cyclopex" from destroying the Solar System.
  • The Glow Worm Project
    Episode 005, 1 November 1952, lost
  • The City of the Sun
    Episode 006, 8 November 1952, available
    Sabotage of the water supply for Solaria Base, keeps Commander Corry from searching for Professor Millison, shipwrecked on the dark side of Mercury.
  • The Queen of Space
    Episode 007, 15 November 1952, available
    Jelna Fanton, owner of Trans-Orbit shipping, plans to expand her business in the outer planets. Are accidents involving space ships there a coincidence, or part of her plans?
  • The Giant Bubble
    Episode 008, 22 November 1952, available
    A former employee plans to sabotage Dr. Berman's plans for atmosphere shells. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy battle an avalanche in the Ortoc Valley of Saturn.
  • The Electronic Burglar
    Episode 009, 29 November 1952, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are marooned in the Martian wasteland when they try to arrest thieves who stole plans for an "analoscope," a device for detecting underground mineral deposits.
  • The Space Shark
    Episode 010, 6 December 1952, available
    Hydroponics farms are threatened on Saturn and Venus. Tonga investigates, but is captured. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are nearly fried by heat mirrors attempting to rescue her.
  • The Search for Asteroid X
    Episode 011, 13 December 1952, available
    Commander Corry and a Martian prospector outsmart the Saturn syndicate hiding stolen goods on an uncharted asteroid.
  • The Lady from Venus
    Episode 012, 20 December 1952, available
    Edward Stratton, an atomic power plant owner, is blackmailed by Elspeth Bennett, a former employee who wants to obtain illegal plutonium. Space Patrol investigates, but have trouble apprehending Bennett.
  • The Last Voyage of the Lonesome Lena
    Episode 013, 27 December 1952, available
    Commander Corry investigates pirate activities at the uranium mines on Titan and finds himself in the middle of a feud.
  • The Brain Bank and the Space Binoculars
    Episode 014, 3 January 1953, available
    John Crosier, a ruthless industrialist, plans to freeze a scientist who wants to quit his job.
  • The Sleepwalker
    Episode 015, 10 January 1953, available
    A passenger liner is found adrift in space. Two passengers are missing. One is Carol Carlisle, daughter of the Secretary General. Is she involved in what appears to be a robbery aboard the ship?
  • The Deserted Planet
    Episode 016, 17 January 1953, lost
  • The Scavenger of Space
    Episode 017, 24 January 1953, available
    Stolen secret documents find their way to an interplanetary junkman!
  • The Top Secret D-Ray
    Episode 018, 31 January 1953, available
    Plans for the "D-Ray" are stolen. Commander Corry must find the thieves before they can sell the space weapon.
  • Crash Landing
    Episode 019, 7 February 1953, available
    Carol Carlisle, daughter of the Secretary General of the United Planets, is kidnapped and held on Mars by a criminal named Veale. Commander Corry crashes his spaceship to rescue her!
  • The Mysterious Meteor
    Episode 020, 14 February 1953, available
    A meteor made of anti-matter lands in Arizona . . . and manages to threaten a dam on the planet Venus, even while going to good use in a 3-D game of chess.
  • The Moon Beetles
    Episode 021, 21 February 1953, available
    While investigating a missing atmosphere shell on one of the moons of Jupiter, Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are attacked by carnivorous creatures who need no air!
  • The Strange Gift of the New Star
    Episode 022, 28 February 1953, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy find a derelict spaceship beyond the orbit of Pluto. On board is an unconscious man and a fortune in stolen uranium. Corry and Happy must unravel the mystery.
  • The Seed Crystals of Zaldebran
    Episode 023, 7 March 1953, available
    Mysterious crystals from another universe with telepathic powers use two communications relay technicians as tools for the conquest of the United Planets.
  • The Magic Space Pictures
    Episode 024, 14 March 1953, available
    Commander Corry tests a new rocket ship, the XR5-1 while Cadet Happy learns to use Magic Space Pictures to control it telepathically. When some of the telepathic control devices are stolen, the chase is on!
  • The Caverns of Venus
    Episode 025, 21 March 1953, available
    Government equipment is stolen with the help of the "amnesiatron." A battle beneath the surface of Venus follows!
  • The Forgotten City
    Episode 026, 28 March 1953, available
    A gang of jewel thieves use a deserted city on the planet Saturn as a hideout.
  • The Vanishing Lake
    Episode 027, 4 April 1953, available
    Vita-plast, used throughout the United Planets, is made from the unique clay of Jupiter's Lake Tarnhelm. But the lake is drying up, causing a shortage of the vital material. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy investigate. While searching the Vita-plast plant, they are overcome by poisonous fumes!
  • Unknown Title
    Episode 028, 11 April 1953, lost
  • Unknown Title
    Episode 029, 18 April 1953, lost
  • The Prisoners of Pluto
    Episode 030, 25 April 1953, available
    Professor Malcolm Walker, a scientist, crash-lands on Pluto and is taken prisoner by Hagel. When Commander Corry and Cadet Happy arrive to free him, they become prisoners as well!
  • The Venus Space Factory
    Episode 031, 2 May 1953, available
    A dishonest Space Patrol inspector falsifies the safety record of a space factory in orbit around the planet Venus after losing money invested in that company.
  • The Cosmic Ray Detector
    Episode 032, 9 May 1953, available
    Rambo and Henchley, two criminals, use Carol Carlisle to smuggle stolen ray detector crystals onto Jupiter.
  • The Secret of Sub-Level 7
    Episode 033, 16 May 1953, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy search for Victor Drummond, a plutonium thief, in the tunnels beneath Saturn City. Drummond threatens to destroy the city above. Will they catch him in time?
  • Treachery in Outer Space
    Episode 034, 23 May 1953, available
    Rex Scranner sets up Commander Corry for a deadly double cross.
  • The Immortal Brain
    Episode 035, 30 May 1953, available
    Anton McDermott, who runs "Future, Inc." in Venus City. McDermott predicts the future for his clients. Commander Corry investigates and finds himself a target for elimination.
  • Mystery of the Martian Fossils
    Episode 036, 6 June 1953, lost
  • Unknown Title
    Episode 037, 13 June 1953, lost
  • The Indestructible Germ
    Episode 038, 20 June 1953, available
    When a mysterious plague appears in the Venusian city Euphoria, known as the healthiest city in the solar system, two scientists offer a cure. The catch: the scientists created the plague hoping to achieve fame and fortune by providing the cure.
  • The Treasure of Planetoid 60
    Episode 039, 26 June 1953, available
    Two suspicious spacemen show up with "Transplutite," a rare gem containing radioactive Arcturium. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy suspect a museum heist.
  • Winged Spies of Venus
    Episode 040, 4 July 1953, available
    Thieves on Venus use messages microfilmed on the wings of bees to plot their heists. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy investigate. Armed Forces Radio and Television System (AFRTS) transcription.
  • Unknown Title
    Episode 041, 11 July 1954, lost
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy investigate a strange meteor on Jupiter.
  • Unknown Title
    Episode 042, 18 July 1953, lost
  • Unknown Title
    Episode 043, 25 July 1953, lost
  • The Sleeping Demon of Saturn
    Episode 044, 1 August 1953, available
    Two crooks force Dr. Ramsey to predict earthquakes from the dormant Sleeping Demon volcano near Kepler City on Saturn. They plan to make money from the panic selling of space ships and other assets that will happen following Ramsey's announcement. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy investigate the scam.
  • Trouble Aboard the Supernova
    Episode 045, 8 August 1953, available
    Tracking down documents stolen from SolarTechnic, and hidden in a ring with a secret compartment, Commander Corry and Cadet Happy end up in the waste disposal chute of the luxury space liner, Supernova, and are nearly ejected into space!
  • Peril over Jupiter
    Episode 046, 15 August 1953, available
    Carla Markim runs metal processing plants on Europa. She is kidnapped as part of a hostile business takeover. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy deal with Endurium beams and magnetic force fields while investigating.
  • The Menace of Planet X
    Episode 047, 22 August 1953, available
    Investigating the strange disappearances of spaceships near the hostile Planet X, Commander Corry and Cadet Happy meet Prince Bacaratti. In addition to Bacaratti, Corry and Happy also have to deal with dinosaurs! The first episode of the sixteen-episode Planet X series.
  • The Trap on Planet X
    Episode 048, 29 August 1953, available
    Trying to free captives at Prince Bacaratti's Planet X fortress, Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are tricked by Dr. Malengro. Captured and imprisoned in Bacaratti's dungeon, they are befriended by a giant native named Goro.
  • The Valley of Dread
    Episode 049, 5 September 1953, available
    Robot spaceships disguised as meteorites map Planet X with their viewscopes. Prince Bacaratti bombs Commander Corry and Cadet Happy's battle tank, leaving them at the mercy of man-eating plants in "The Valley Of Dread."
  • Escape from Planet X
    Episode 050, 12 September 1953, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy try to free the captives Prince Bacaratti has forced to work in the Arctite mines. Bacaratti's henchmen try to thwart their plans.
  • The Spies from Planet X
    Episode 051, 19 September 1953, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy follow a tip that Prince Bacaratti has been seen on Saturn. They investigate a man from Neptune who says he is Bacaratti's cousin. Zolton plans to use the Bacaratti family treasures to finance the Prince's evil schemes.
  • Target Jupiter
    Episode 052, 26 September 1953, available
    Prince Bacaratti launches a missile attack on Jupiter's cities. Each missile is wrapped in "radar foil,' making them invisible to tracking systems.
  • Return to Planet X
    Episode 105, 3 October 1953, available
    The Space Patrol blasts Prince Bacaratti's missile launching base on a Jupiter moon. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy find Bacaratti and Dr. Malengo hiding in an underground fortification.
  • On the Ice Cap of Planet X
    Episode 106, 10 October 1953, available
    Granu, a native of Planet X, helps Commander Corry and Cadet Happy escape captivity in the Endurium mines beneath the planet's polar icecap.
  • Rescue from Planet X
    Episode 107, 17 October 1953, available
    Prisoners of Prince Bacaratti on Planet X, Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are rescued by Ortho, a member of the thought-projecting alien race, the Lumen.
  • The Secret of the Dargo Ruins
    Episode 108, 24 October 1953, available
    Mind-reading Ortho helps Commander Corry and Cadet Happy battle Prince Bacaratti on Planet X.
  • The Iron Eaters of Planet X
    Episode 109, 31 October 1953, available
    Prince Bacaratti plants metal eating worms on Commander Corry's space ship, allowing the air to escape into space; a diabolical plot to kill Corry and Cadet Happy!
  • Cyclone in Outer Space
    Episode 110, 7 November 1953, available
    Dr. Malengro, the evil scientist working for Prince Bacaratti, has invented a "torque ray," that can twist matter at the speed of light!
  • Under the Sea of Planet X
    Episode 111, 14 November 1953, available
    Prince Bacarrati threatens to destroy an ancient civilization in his quest for the source of jewels found in an ancient medallion.
  • The Sea Monster of Planet X
    Episode 112, 21 November 1953, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy, in their submarine, battle the evil Prince Bacaratti . . . and a sea monster!
  • The Revolt of the Space Rats
    Episode 113, 28 November 1953, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are transporting Prince Bacaratti and Dr. Malengro to Terra for rehabilitation. They are tricked by Malengro and escape. Bacaratti takes Corry and another prisoner to Planet X where he plots to destroy Pluto City and the Space Patrol base. Happy is left stranded on Pluto's third moon.
  • Baccarratti's Secret Weapon
    Episode 114, 5 December 1953, available
    Prince Bacaratti is planning to blow up one city on each of the ten planets with "Crockenite" bombs, named for their inventor, Dr. Crocker. Holding Crocker's daughter hostage, Bacaratti forces Crocker to build ten bombs. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy must stop him!
  • The Lost Condor
    Episode 115, 12 December 1953, available
    The diary of ex-convict Reese Corbett provides a clue to "The Condor," and millions of stolen space credits.
  • The Venus Thulanium Mystery
    Episode 116, 19 December 1953, available
    Explorer Frank Michelson is kidnapped to Venus and forced to reveal the location of his fabulous "thulanium" mine. Investigating, Commander Corry and Cadet Happy find themselves in grave danger!
  • The Lost Dimension
    Episode 117, 26 December 1953, available
    Boris Gambine uses the "N-Ray" to teleport credits from the locked vault of the Terra City bank. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy investigate and deal with this unusual crime.
  • The Wistful Wizard of Neptune's Moon
    Episode 118, 2 January 1954, available
    A theatrical magician with telekinetic abilities is tricked into stealing a valuable microfilm.
  • In the Claw of Venus
    Episode 119, 9 January 1954, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are on the trail of stolen "zolonite," a rare element that neutralizes gravity. Later, they investigate a flying saucer over Venus City and Happy is taken for an unexpected ride!
  • The Exiles from Denebola
    Episode 120, 16 January 1954, available
    Alien refugees hidden on a Saturn moon for centuries escape and take over a lonely observatory.
  • The Martian Masquerade
    Episode 121, 23 January 1954, available
    Plans for a secret Space Patrol weapon are stolen by Xyla Carmandy, a woman who looks like Carol Carlisle, the daughter of the Secretary General of the United Planets.
  • The Treasure of Mount Rolcab
    Episode 122, 30 January 1954, available
    A 150-year-old wrecked space ship, atop a Venusian mountain, contains a fortune in "thulanium" bars. A Venusian woodsman and his hoarde are threatened by two escaped convicts. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are on the scene.
  • The Strange Case of Pilot Prentice
    Episode 123, 6 February 1954, available
    Capturing mind-reading pirates close to the Sun proves a dangerous mission for Commander Corry and Cadet Happy. Armed Forces Radio and Television System (AFRTS) transcription.
  • The Revenge of Dr. Yeager
    Episode 124, 13 February 1954, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy find the hidden castle on Mars of the long dead Dr. Yeager and his powerful inventions and weapons: including the "letha ray." They rescue Lorna Stark, kidnapped by an instrument repair technician anxious to steal the inventions.
  • Visitor from Galaxy 9
    Episode 125, 20 February 1954, available
    Zurbok, of the Krawlni from Galaxy 9, scouts the solar system for conquest. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are captured on Jupiter's fourth moon. Corry is taken by a giant robot to an alien Brainograph where he will be forced to provide information that will help the Kwarlni destroy the United Planets!
  • The Serpent of Saturn
    Episode 126, 27 February 1954, available
    Thugs are attacking Space Patrol agents across the solar system. And, the "blackout ray," a "light neutralizer," has been stolen. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy track down the gang leader, "The Cobra."
  • Gems of Jupiter
    Episode 127, 6 March 1954, available
    Armed Forces Radio and Television System (AFRTS) rebroadcast.
  • Test for Survival
    Episode 128, 13 March 1954, available
    Space Cadets are undergoing survival tests on Neptune's second moon, the perfect opportunity for "The Cobra" to strike! Cadet Happy is captured. Commander Corry infiltrates the gang leadership.
  • The Secret of Dr. Borodeck
    Episode 129, 20 March 1954, available
    Whoever wears a special robot suit can be controlled by Gargoth, leader of the Cobra Gang. Cadet Happy is forced to wear the suit and attack Commander Corry. Meanwhile, a wealthy man is targeted in a longevity elixir scheme to be swindled out of his fortune.
  • The Zero Ray
    Episode 130, 27 March 1954, available
    "The Cobra," escaped from custody, uses the "zero ray," a new invention that freezes anything it touches, and he's up to no good as usual. Commander Corry continues to pursue Gargoth.
  • The Super Brain of Volmer Castro
    Episode 131 3 April 1954, available
    Dr. Blake has invented a "cerebrascope" which amplifies intelligence. Unfortunately, it falls into the hands of a clever criminal, Volmer Castro, who uses it to turn himself into a super swindler with the help of Blake's assistant, Rhoda.
  • The Test of the XK-3
    Episode 132, 10 April 1954, available
    A Pluto-to-Mercury space race gives Volmer Castro, the super-intelligent criminal, the chance to match wits with the Space Patrol. He plants a stowaway on the robot-controlled XK-3 to sabotage the test of the new interplanetary space drive.
  • The Image of Evil
    Episode 133, 17 April 1954, available
    Prince Bacaratti escapes the Venus Rehabilitation Center and begins his plans to rule the universe by trying to ram Commander Corry's space ship with a guided missile!
  • Phantom Visitor
    Episode 134, 24 April 1954, available
    An Armed Forces Radio and Television System (AFRTS) transcription.
  • The Wreck of the Black Star
    Episode 135, 1 May 1954, available
    Zolton Bacarrati and strack kidnap Dr. Thana Loring and force her to lead them to the 900-year-old wreck of the spaceship Black Star on Mars. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy pursue the criminals and attempt to rescue Loring. Armed Forces Radio and Television System (AFRTS) transcription.
  • Captain Hackett's Planetoid
    Episode 136, 8 May 1954, available
    When Captain Hackett, an old asteroid miner, strikes "wolfenite" ore, Prince Bacaratti grubstakes him for his own evil purposes! Hackett's planetoid is on a dangerous orbit and will be blasted apart by the Space Patrol. Conspiring with Borzack (AKA Bacaratti), Hackett tries to thwart Commander Corry and Cadet Happy.
  • Capture of the Red Falcon
    Episode 137, 15 May 1954, available
    AFRTS recording with no credits. Made-up title taken from plot?
  • The Strange Voyager
    Episode 138, 22 May 1954, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy travel to Earth to help victims of an earthquake near Amazonia. They find a man in a cave who has been in suspended animation for the last 1000 years! He's part of an invasion plan from the Vegan star system!
  • The Red Demon of Venus
    Episode 139, 29 May 1954, available
    The Red Demon is a spider with a nasty and fatal bite! A Space Patrol secret agent is bitten by a Red Demon spider in the Venusian jungle . . . and only Theodore Rorschat, a wanted criminal carries the antibodies in his blood. A trap is laid for Commander Corry and Cadet Happy who attempt to obtain a sample of Rorschat's blood.
  • The Mystery of the Masked Martians
    Episode 140, 5 June 1954, available
    The descendants of a gang of space pirates who crash landed on Mars 870 years ago are still thriving in a primitive state. Wearing primitive masks, they hold a woman captive. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy search the Martian desert for the kidnappers.
  • The Tattooed Atom
    Episode 141, 12 June 1954, available
    While trying to find a missing scientist, Gene Satterly, in Jupiter City, Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are hit by a fatigue ray! Satterly's technique for electronically coding atoms is stolen, leading Corry and Happy on a search and rescue mission.
  • The Cavern of Fear
    Episode 142 19 June 1954, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy discover Polidor's "Detecto-Scope," a system for transmitting his evil presence across vast distances. On Neptune, Happy is tormented by Polidor, via the Detecto-Scope.
  • Race Against Time
    Episode 143, 26 June 1954, available
    Polidor uses a robot space ship to blast the Terra V as he plans to blow up the Space Patrol Communications Center with "lumaplex." Commander Corry races to Terra to defuse the Omicron bomb. A rescue, literally, in the nick of time!
  • The Robot of Bor Kenna
    Episode 144, 3 July 1954, available
    Carol Carlisle is kidnapped by Polidor and taken to the "Castle of Bor Kenna" on Venus. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are menaced by a robot . . . named Gus. Corry disables the robot by dumping a can of paint on its head!
  • Trial by Terror
    Episode 145, 10 July 1954, available
    While Commander Corry and Cadet Happy pursue Polidor in the Martian desert, his gang steals two million credits from the Zenity Microfilm Lab on Terra. Polidor plans to destroy Lowell City on Mars.
  • Menace Under Mercury
    Episode 146, 17 July 1954, lost
  • Supersensitive Star Drive
    Episode 147, 24 July 1954, available
    Commander Corry, Cadet Happy, and Meyerhoff, the scientist believed to be the inventor of the stardrive, find the first spaceship to use the stardrive missing. They learn the real inventor, Jano Kalmyr, has escaped a rehabilitation center on Mars. On the way, the stop to aid a freighter, piloted by Kalmyr. The freighter is the missing stardrive ship, in disguise. Corry and Happy are taken prisoner and told they will never return to the solar system! Armed Forces Radio and Television System (AFRTS) transcription.
  • The Galaxy Trade Association
    Episode 148, 31 July 1954, available?
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy encounter a strange spaceship near Vega. Aboard is Errdu, who tells Corry and Happy The Galaxy Trade Association plans enslave the entire galaxy. Master criminal Krexor tries to force Corry and Happy into revealing the location of the solar system, dooming the United Planets to slavery!
  • Journey to Troganok
    Episode 149, 7 August 1954, available
    The sun is emitting a new type of radiation that has been detected from only one other star, Troganok. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy travel to Troganok not knowing that criminal Baxon has sabatoged their spaceship. Set to return from Troganok, they discover their stardrive does not work. Armed Forces Radio and Television System (AFRTS) transcription.
  • The Counterfeit Atom
    Episode 150, 14 August 1954, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy investigate a puzzling series of jewel robberies, using a matter duplicator to create counterfeit gems!
  • Formula for Crime
    Episode 151, 21 August 1954, available
    A woman scientist discovers a valuable psychological formula named "G3K," with large criminal possibilities! It is used on Commander Corry who is ordered to shoot Cadet Happy!
  • Shipment to Tyranna
    Episode 152, 28 August 1954, available
    Armed Forces Radio and Television System (AFRTS) transcription.
  • Locating Tyranna
    Episode 153, 9 September 1954, available
    Armed Forces Radio and Television System (AFRTS) transcription.
  • Design for Disaster
    Episode 154, 11 September 1954, available
    Commander Corry uses his "space periscope" to track down Matthew Sneed, an agent from Tyranna, a distant solar system with plans to attack the United Planets. Corry uses a Brainograph on Sneed. The information helps prevent his plans to blow up the atmosphere plant on Mercury.
  • Prisoners of Tyranna
    Episode 155, 18 September 1954, available
    Commander Corry takes his star drive spaceship to the Tyranean system, following Sneed back to his home planet in the Pegasus system.
  • Invasion from Tyranna
    Episode 156, 25 September 1954, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy land on a meteorite to investigate a wrecked spaceship and gain a new ally (a friendly alien) in the fight against Tyranna.
  • The Voice from the Future
    Episode 157, 2 October 1954, available
    While traveling in hyperspace, Commander Corry and Cadet Happy hear a newscast from 1000 years in the past (October, 1972) announcing the first manned lunar landing. The show was only a bit over three years off predicting the date of the actual event.
  • Message to Arctrona
    Episode 158, 9 October 1954, available
    Lost. An interstellar translator has been stolen and contact made with another solar system. Armed Forces Radio and Television System (AFRTS) rebroadcast.
  • Visitor from Arctrona
    Episode 159, 16 October 1954, available
    An Armed Forces Radio and Television System (AFRTS) rebroadcast.
  • The Forbidden Planet
    Episode 160, 23 October 1954, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy pursue the criminals Gordon Spangler and Rem to the planet Gazyr in the Arctronian System where Spangler plans to unload a cargo of "Litronium." Unaware the planet's atmosphere is deadly, Corry and Happy leave their spaceship without their space suits. Just before they are overcome by the poisonous atmosphere, their spaceship is hijacked! Armed Forces Radio and Television System (AFRTS) rebroadcast.
  • The Realm of the Robots
    Episode 161, 30 October 1954, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy land on the planet of Gobonick, of the Orion 14 system, to investigate evidence of a super radioactive element in a distant star. They find a habitable planet ruled by robots who have enslaved the humans.
  • The Watchman of Wormak
    Episode 162, 6 November 1954, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy supply two Gobonick freedom fighters with Space-O-Phones, so they can organize a revolt against the robots. But, the devices are intercepted by Administrator Roakner and his robots. Corry and Happy attempt a rescue but are attacked at the Warmok spaceport by insect-like robots.
  • The Frightened Robots
    Episode 163, 13 November 1954, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy try to free the humans of Gobonick from starving in the "kaelite" mines, without violalting the prime directive of non-interference.
  • Planet in Peril
    Episode 164, 20 November 1954, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy help the humans obtain freedom from robotic rule on the planet Gobonick.
  • Unknown Title
    Episode 165, 27 November 1954, lost
  • The Invisible Enemy
    Episode 166, 4 December 1954, available
    A battle with Rolf Boger, a master criminal who can walk through walls, and has an "ultra-vibration" field that makes him invisible!
  • The City of Hidden Doom
    Episode 167, 11 December 1954, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy plan to capture Rolf Bolger at Jupiter City, but the plan fails and the cities atmosphere plant is almost destroyed by the invisible criminal.
  • Escape from Neptune
    Episode 168, 18 December 1954, available
    Laneen Harvey helps Commander Corry battle Rolf Bolger in Neptune City. Bolger plans to force her and Professor Rayburn to help him build more invisibility machines. Where is the "vibronium"?
  • The Lost Galaxy
    Episode 169, 25 December 1954, available
    The Space Patrol picks up transmissions from an alien race in an uncharted part of the galaxy. At the same time, the aliens hear Space Patrol transmissions, and fearful of conquest, launch a first assault. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy battle Macor, "The Guardian of The Galaxy," trying to rescue four Space Patrol ships sent earlier to investigate.
  • Ambush in Space
    Episode 170, 1 January 1955, available
    Macor attacks Commander Corry and Cadet Happy with "liquid metal" and a "magnetic vortex." Corry and Happy are still looking for "Expedition Enigma," the four lost Space Patrol ships.
  • Prison Planet
    Episode 171, 8 January 1955, available
    Space Patrol Lt. Skitter is captured and held on the prison planet as bait for Commander Corry and Cadet Happy.
  • The Crown of Darjeda
    Episode 172, 15 January 1955, available
    Alien spies from a planet of the star Antares, led by Shardu, search Indian ruins in the American Southwest for their emperor's jeweled crown hidden on Earth centuries earlier. Commander Curry and Cadet Happy are trapped in a strange cave!
  • The Shadow of Shardu
    Episode 173, 22 January 1955, available
    Agents of Darjeda attempt once again to obtain their crown. Their superhuman strength and intelligence make them difficult opponents. But, as the action moves to Venus, Commander Corry has a complex plan to foil them.
  • Planet of Discord
    Episode 174, 29 January 1955, available
    Cadet Happy is kidnapped and left alone with a Space-O-Phone. He calls Commander Corry and unintentionally leads him into a trap!
  • The Conquest of Darjeda
    Episode 175, 5 February 1955, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are still chasing Shardu, who leads them now to Saturn.
  • The Hermit of Pluto
    Episode 176, 12 February 1955, available
    A gang is after a prospector who's discovered a deposit of "stronolite" on Pluto. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are trapped inside a small city atmosphere shell.
  • The Time Pirates
    Episode 177, 19 February 1955, available
    Dr. Ryland Skarno discovers how to travel in time and returns to the year 1591 to steal a pirate's treasure! Commander Corry uses time paradoxes to battle the evil doctor.
  • Voyage to the Future
    Episode 178, 26 February 1955, available
    Commander Corry and Cadet Happy have their hands full fighting black market contraband illegally transported through time by Dr. Ryland Skarno. Happy travels two months into the future and watches a volcano erupt.
  • The Monster from the Past
    Episode 179, 5 March 1955, available
    After bringing a pair of Dodo birds back from the seventeenth century, Dr. Ryland Skarno, strands Commander Corry and Cadet Happy in prehistoric times, where they are menaced by a Tyrannosaurus!
  • The Weed of Despair
    Episode 180, 12 March 1955, available
    A visitor from another solar system lands on Titan, Saturn's sixth moon. He plans extortion on Saturn City by withholding the cure to the epidemic caused by "The Weed Of Despair," a strange purple flower.
  • The Fugitive from Telarma
    Episode 181, 19 March 1955, available
    The epidemic from the Telarma system has struck on Terra, started by Brokoff, an alien criminal. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are stricken with the dangerous sickness.